Troop 695 is a high-adventure scouting unit based in Irvine, California which has consistently earned BSA's Gold "Journey to Excellence" Award. Within the structure of our Troop, we offer the option for boys & girls (aged 14-20) to join our Venture Crew and attend all outings & events. We boast award-winning, trained leaders in such areas of expertise as rock-climbing, mountian biking, shooting sports, and aquatics. In fact, our own Scoutmaster Jason Perkins is the only Level 2 Lead Rock Climbing Instructor for the Rancho San Joaquin District, and both he and his wife have received the prestigious Silver Beaver Award & Distict Award of Merit for their outstanding leadership! Additionally, Scoutmaster Fukuda has completed the lengthy Woodbadge Leadership Training.  Our Troop & Crew regularly sends scouts to BSA's High-Adventure Bases such as the Philmont Scout Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. We have monthly Troop/Crew meetings at Turtle Rock Park Community Center, and offer monthly outdoor outings, community service events, and rank advancement opportunities.  We are a Troop of approximately 80+ scouts, and have produced over 100 Eagle Scouts since the year 2000!


Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Serves Others in Need!

Posted on Oct 20 2020 - 3:44am

Our Troop just wrapped up its Citizenship in the Community merit badge offering, and the Scouts made a real difference in people’s lives. For this Eagle-required merit badge, learn what it means for each of us to be a citizen in our community. This means understanding local government, both city and county, and identifying challenges that our community faces. 

Several portions of this year’s class focused on homelessness. The Scouts read a newspaper article, learned facts about our local homelessness population, and identified causes and solutions to homelessness. At their final meeting, they spoke virtually with the founder of WoundWalk OC https://woundwalk.org/ a group that tends to the literal wounds, like cuts, scrapes, and skin infections, of the unsheltered population in Orange County. A significant requirement of the merit badge is to perform community service above and beyond the normal Scouting opportunities. The Scouts learned about a group of citizens who came together and over time formed their own organization, Hang Out and Do Good https://hangoutdogood.com/. The scouts learned how these everyday people make and deliver over 3,000 lunches every single Sunday to people experiencing homelessness in Southern California. The scouts planned a menu, received approval, shopped, and then assembled lunches. Each Scout decorated their bag or included a thoughtful note. On October 4, Anderson C. and his family and Merit Badge Counselor Katie Porter drove the lunches to the Hollywood Food Coalition. (https://hofoco.org/) They toured the facility, and watched the group sort and distribute lunches.  Thanks to Merit Badge Counselor, Katie Porter for organizing and facilitating such a wonderful service project!

The scouts who participated include: Ethan A., Adrian A., Nathan C., Anderson C., Connor C., Sina E., Sean E., Juve F., Justin G., Paul H., Sky J., Andrei K., Benjamin K., Andrew T., and Takeo Z. 

Max E. is our newest Eagle!

Posted on Oct 19 2020 - 11:44pm

On Thursday, October 15, 2020, Max E. became Troop 695’s newest Eagle Scout! He started his scouting journey at age six as a Cub Scout and was eager to join our troop after he and his brother, Jackson, transitioned from Webelos. Max stated he has thoroughly enjoyed his years with the troop, including making many new friends, learning from the older scouts and adult leaders, and going on high adventure outings. His first hiking trip was on a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. One of his most memorable outing was his first summer camp near Lake Arrowhead – there were so many activities and merit badges to enjoy. He has also enjoyed developing his leadership and communications skills through his role as Chaplain Aide.

While he enjoys outdoor activities, Max has especially cherished his many service project contributions. He takes great satisfaction in helping others who are in need. It comes as no surprise then that for his Eagle service project, Max chose to help those who put their life on the line to defend our country – the Marines. Both of his grandfathers were veterans, so he has a special place in his heart for our service men and women.

As Marines return to Camp Pendleton from active tours, the adjustment can be difficult. Max’s beneficiary, the 2/11 Marine Adoption Committee, helps to ease the transition by supplying basic, but much appreciated care packages consisting of a new pillow and blanket, personal hygiene items, and familiar food and drinks. We take these things for granted, but for a soldier who has been in a hostile overseas environment for six months or longer, they are welcomed homecoming gifts. Max used his leadership skills to guide scout volunteers to go door to door to appeal for donations in order to purchase the materials. He then directed volunteers to assemble individual gift packages. In the middle of his project the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which made completing the project more difficult, but Max persevered and finished with flying colors.

Adult leaders Marc Pannier and Frank Do, who participated in Max’s Eagle Board of Review were impressed with his maturity, enthusiasm, and pledge to remain active with 695 as a member of the venturing crew as he enters Woodbridge High School as a freshman. Congratulations Max on attaining scouting’s highest rank!  We are so proud to call you our own!

What’s SUP?! Fun on the Ocean!

Posted on Oct 7 2020 - 8:59pm

What a wonderful sunny day!  On September 20th 26 of our Scouts, their siblings, and parents/supporters attended a brisk morning event at BSA’s own Newport Sea Base, with clear skies (as clear as could be with Covid and fires!) and learned to Stand Up Paddleboard!  The group broke into two smaller groups balanced on their naturally “socially-distanced” SUPs, then used teamwork, experienced the bay, and even saw a bird catch a fish out of the water!  For many, it was a first-time experience despite being born near the ocean or having lived near it for years.  All of our Scouts were brave and were adept at SUP’ing.  Even the ones that ended up in the water were no worse for the wear, and being good scouts, a few noticed some trash in the water and picked it up...following "Leave No Trace" practices.  The group left the ocean cleaner than it was when they arrived!  It was a beautiful and fun day for all.  Thanks to Amit Kothari, Tracy Kuo & Sorrel Hanson for helping to make this event happen!

Charles I. is 695’s 100th Eagle Scout!

Posted on Sep 24 2020 - 4:05am

Our newest Eagle is Charles I.! Charles has the unique distinction of being our 100th Eagle Scout since the inception of Troop 695 in 2000.  Charles achieved BSA’s highest ranking on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 via a zoom Board of Review.

Charles has had a wonderful scouting experience starting in Cub Scouts with Pack 612 out of Bonita Canyon Elementary School, earning the Arrow of Light Award in 5th grade, before crossing over and starting his Boy Scout experience with Troop 695. In short order, Charles distinguished himself through his effort, participation, and quiet, good nature. Charles exemplifies all that is good in Scouting and is a kind friend to everyone. 

For his Eagle Scout project, Charles partnered with Riley Wilderness Park to build a much-needed shade structure for the Park’s heavily used parking permit machine.  Previously the machine was standing in direct sunlight, which made it constantly overheat, as well as made the liquid crystal screens exceedingly difficult to see for customers.  The structure was built over three solid days of work and is both functional and beautifully designed to blend with the physical elements of the Park’s entrance and parking area.  The Park’s leadership has been thrilled with the improvements!

Charles and family moved a couple of years ago to Coto de Caza, but remained dedicated and active with Troop 695 rather than transferring to a closer unit.  He is a junior in High School and plans to stay active with 695’s Troop & Crew in the near future, as well as hopes to someday continue the scouting tradition with his own future family.  Charles’s Troop Eagle Coach, Mr. Paul King and Mrs. Marianne Perkins were privileged to sit on his Eagle Board of Review. Congratulations to Charles on this massive achievement and for forever holding the honor of being our 100th Eagle Scout in 695 history!

Chase G. is our Newest Eagle Scout!

Posted on Sep 24 2020 - 4:04am

This past Thursday, on September 10, 2020, Chase G became Troop 695’s latest Eagle Scout. Chase is one of the younger Eagles (13 years old), both in this troop, and nationally. Chase was very motivated from the time he joined the troop to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. Chase comes from a proud tradition in his family, where both his grandfather and father are Eagle Scouts, and Chase set himself the goal to reach that rank faster than them—and achieved it! Chase surprised everyone during our troop’s Court of Honor in the Fall of 2018, when he advanced three ranks within a few months of joining Boy Scouts: Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class! Chase was on a mission. 
Chase’s Eagle Project was to build portable GaGa ball courts for Pioneer Middle School. This is a popular game with his cohort and the school, but the school didn’t have courts, so students being ingenious, used picnic tables as a court, setting them on their side to act as walls. Chase saw an opportunity to help his school while also serving his friends, and put together this project. He planned, organized, and executed his project in record time as well! Chase expressed he learned a lot of leadership skills during the project, and stated that he enjoyed leading adults, because adults understood the purpose behind his requests, as opposed to having to explain to the kids he was leading. He found it challenging to tell his friends to “get back to work”.
Chase’s favorite outing during his trail to Eagle was the King’s River Whitewater rafting trip, which included families. Chase also found it important to recognize certain adults for the help they provided him during his trail to Eagle: Scoutmaster Fukuda, Ebi Ahoobim, and Robert Motoshige. Chase has recently moved to San Diego, where he is settling in nicely with his family in their new home. Chase plans to continue with our troop, and we wish him luck in his new neighborhood and school, and welcome his continued leadership in our troop!

2020 Cooking Merit Badge & Camp-In

Posted on Sep 7 2020 - 6:27am

(NOTE: Pictures were taken Pre-COVID)
It has been a challenging year, but this did not faze the 17 Cooking Merit Badge scouts, who attended only one in-person cooking meeting and prepared two menus (one-pot chicken and brown bears) together at Mason Regional Park in January before everything changed. During the pandemic, these resilient scouts adjusted to their new normal. They attended Zoom meetings, learned about food and stove safety, worked on cooking requirements, planned menus and shopping lists, and prepared meals at home. The scouts and the Cooking Merit Badge program continued on.

On Saturday, July 11, scouts attended the first-ever Cooking Merit Badge Camp-In! The beautiful day began with a morning meeting to kick-off the event. Over Zoom, scouts recited the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Outdoor Code, had coolers and equipment bins inspected by merit badge counselors, heard Ian and Shrey’s cooking campout experiences, and asked Camp-In questions. Scouts, who participated in the Camp-In had the opportunity to earn 1 camp night, prepare 6 camp meals for their Camp Cooking requirements, and enter fun Camp-In contests for a chance to win $5 In-N-Out gift cards. Winners are listed below.

Before the Camp-In, scouts prepped their food, packed their coolers and supplies, organized their cooking and washing stations, and set up camp in their backyards. The scouts' backyards became their campsites during the Camp-In. Scouts were told to plan ahead, pack well, and prepare for the weekend. To simulate a real campout, scouts could not return home to get cooking and camping items they forgot to pack once the Camp-In began.

It was rewarding to see the Cooking Merit Badge scouts put into practice the life skills they learned preparing class and home-cooked meals. Families tasted and evaluated the scouts' meals and enjoyed the V.I.P. treatment all weekend long. Scouts also did all the cleaning! They wiped down cooking areas, boiled water, used the 3-bin dish washing method, and disposed of trash and dirty wash water properly.

The Cooking Merit Badge can be challenging at times, but these scouts persevered and did an awesome job completing requirements, even while sheltered at home! See some of the delicious, home-cooked, camp, and trail & backpacking meals, desserts, and snacks the scouts planned and made for their families and friends on Shutterfly

The scouts who participated include: Ethan A., Nathan C., Anderson C., Agastya D., Yuvraj D., Sina E., Chase G., Luke H., Sky J., James K., Andrei K., Thomas M., Yogi P., Connor S., Nathan S., Tony T., and Takeo Z. A huge thank you to Assistant Cooking Merit Badge Counselors, Mrs. Ashley Stephens, Ms. Shannon Pagano, Mrs. Jenny Park-Cruz, parents, and scout mentors, Shrey G., Isao H., Ian M., and Adrian M., for helping and supporting the program. Lastly, a special thank you to Cooking Merit Badge Counselors, Mrs. Debbie Motoshige and Mrs. Anita Leung, for planning and leading the program and Camp-In.

Congrats to the Cooking Merit Badge Camp-In Contest Winners! .... (click Read More...)

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