Troop 695 is a high-adventure scouting unit based in Irvine, California which has consistently earned BSA's Gold "Journey to Excellence" Award. Within the structure of our Troop, we offer the option for boys & girls (aged 14-20) to join our Venture Crew and attend all outings & events. We boast award-winning, trained leaders in such areas of expertise as rock-climbing, mountian biking, shooting sports, and aquatics. In fact, our own Scoutmaster Jason Perkins is the only Level 2 Lead Rock Climbing Instructor for the Rancho San Joaquin District, and both he and his wife have received the prestigious Silver Beaver Award & Distict Award of Merit for their outstanding leadership! Additionally, Scoutmaster Fukuda has completed the lengthy Woodbadge Leadership Training.  Our Troop & Crew regularly sends scouts to BSA's High-Adventure Bases such as the Philmont Scout Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. We have monthly Troop/Crew meetings at Turtle Rock Park Community Center, and offer monthly outdoor outings, community service events, and rank advancement opportunities.  We are a Troop of approximately 80+ scouts, and have produced over 100 Eagle Scouts since the year 2000!


Philmont Crew Summits Mt. Baldy (Elev. 10,064 ft.)!

Posted on Jun 8 2021 - 7:08pm

On June 6th, the Philmont crew completed a 10 mile roundtrip hike at Mt. Baldy (officially named Mt. San Antonio) in the San Gabriel Mountains. Mt. Baldy is the highest peak visible from the Los Angeles/Orange County area and the views from the top were amazing! The crew started at Manker Flats, hiked past the Sierra Club Ski Hut, and through the Mt. Baldy Bowl before reaching the summit of 10,064 ft. Their descent included a breathtaking portion of trail along the Devil’s Backbone before passing by the Mt. Baldy Ski Resort and back down to Manker Flats. 

The Philmont crew specifically did this training event to experience hiking at higher elevations where there is less oxygen in the air and to experience hiking on very steep and rough terrain. High adventure scouts and family included: Nathan C., Anderson C., Sean E., Gunnar H., Jett L., Ella G., Joe Gozdieski, Sorrel Hanson, Lisa Crane, Tomoko Enomoto, and Anita Leung.

Erik O. is an Eagle Scout!!

Posted on May 24 2021 - 9:38pm

On May 20,2021, Erik O. became Troop 695’s newest Eagle Scout! For his service project, he led volunteers to build much needed pet beds for the Orange County Animal Center in Tustin. He was so successful in raising funds and obtaining discounts from vendors that his team had money to build 8 more additional beds than planned for a total of 30 beds, which were made of PVC legs and fabric mats. The pandemic certainly made the project more difficult for Erik as he had to work harder to attract volunteers and made sure they had a safe working environment.

Perseverance was a theme discussed at the Board of Review considering Erik earned his Life rank five years ago. During the long stretch Erik was busy with high school activities, including water polo, and admittedly lost focus on scouting. But ultimately Erik reached back to his fond memories of Cub Scouts, and his long-time goal of finishing his scouting career as an Eagle Scout. His determination is an inspiration to those scouts who get overwhelmed with other obligations along their journey.

For Erik, he was especially thankful for leadership & outdoor skills that former Scoutmaster Jason Perkins taught him through Pack 612 & Troop 695, as well as the mentorship that older scouts and specifically Eagle Scout Reily Kirkpatrick gave him. As he is about to graduate from University High and move on to Irvine Valley College (with plans to transfer to a 4-year university to study business and finance), Erik recognizes the awesome responsibility that comes with the recognition of being an Eagle Scout. Board participants Mrs. Marianne Perkins and Mr. Frank Do were convinced Erik will be a terrific role model and contributor to younger scouts. Congratulations Erik on earning scouting’s highest honor!  We are proud to call you a Troop 695 Eagle Scout!

Mojave Narrows Camping

Posted on May 24 2021 - 9:38pm

If there was a merit badge for wind endurance, then Ethan CBen KJonathan T and Takeo Z would most certainly have earned it on May 15th when they camped out at Mojave Narrows. The wind was dramatic and unyielding for the entirety of the campout, leading to all sorts of adventures and misadventures. And a very well rounded Scouting experience! From anchoring down tents with ropes, to shielding vulnerable jet boils, to stomping out flying fire pit embers to manning tumbling camping chairs and flying everything, the boys managed it all. The circumstances led to excellent teamwork and Scout spirit - which even Mr. Cruz and Mr. Zollinger embodied when they helped a neighboring family erect and tie down their tent as it billowed in the wind. Other highlights included high climbing obstacle course races, fishing, beautiful trees and reeds dancing in the wind, s'mores, card games, and a genuine bonding opportunity thanks to the intimate group and extreme elements.

A big thank you to Marc Pannier for planning the event, and to Scoutmaster FukudaMr. CruzMr. Zollinger and Mrs. Kamel for chaperoning.

More o’ El Moro

Posted on May 19 2021 - 6:08pm


On May 14 through 16, the Philmont crew revisited El Moro - Crystal Cove State Park for more backpacking training. They explored new roads and trails in the lower portion of the park, had lunch at the beach, and learned how to find their location on a map using a compass and sighting to nearby landmarks. The crew camped at Upper Moro and Deer Canyon campgrounds and practiced the patrol cooking method. While they were there, they also elected crew leaders: Gunnar H. - Crew Leader, Nathan C. - Chaplain Aide, and Jett L. - Wilderness Pledge Guia (Guide)

No scouting event is ever complete without a bit of adventure! The “adventure” on this trip was waking to rain on Sunday morning, packing up camp in the rain, and hiking out on a steep, muddy, and very slippery trail. No worries though - this crew was prepared with rain jackets and pack covers and a good attitude. They rose to the challenge and finished the event stronger and more confident than before. 

Tough scouts and adults included: Anderson C., Jett L., Nathan L., Colin L., Nathan C., Chase G., Gunnar H., Ms. Lisa Crane, Mr. Joe Gozdieski, and Mrs. Sorrel Hanson.

Newport Back Bay Clean Up Conservation Community Service

Posted on May 15 2021 - 2:16am
Newport Back Bay Clean Up
On April 24, 2021, Troop joined the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club in cleaning trash from the Newport Back Bay. We met at the Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) at 8:30 AM, and were out on the water shortly after getting a safety briefing. The purpose was to pick up trash from the banks of the Back Bay, as several rivers from Orange County empty into the Back Bay, bringing all sorts of trash. The boys were enthusiastic in finding trash, in spite of the fact we were limited to remaining in the kayaks since it is nesting season, and we aren’t allowed to step on the marshes.
Some interesting finds were a completely water-logged couch cushion, some shoes, buckets, a TRASH CAN(!), a lovely purse, and other treasures! 
Scouts participating included: Ethan A, Owen C, Finn G, Ben K, Colin L, Nathan L, Bryce M, Adrian M, Jack R, Yannick S, Eli T, Andrew T, Christopher Z. Adults helping at the event included Sam Kamel, Jack Rader, Robert Motoshige, and various members of the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club.
Thank you all for making a difference today! And a big Thank you to Robert Motoshige and Jenny Graham for organizing and facilitating this very popular conservation event!

Philmont Crew Hikes 20 Miles from the Mountains to the Sea!

Posted on Apr 4 2021 - 4:21pm

On April 3rd, the Philmont 2021 crew completed a 20 mile hike from the mountains of Orange to the sea at Newport Dunes. This was the culmination of increasingly longer hikes as part of the Hiking Merit Badge and as part of training for their August Philmont trek. On this beautiful spring day, they hiked though parts of Peters Canyon, Peters Canyon Wash, San Diego Creek, the San Joaquin Marsh, and the Newport Back Bay as they made their way along the Mountains to Sea Trail 

Scouts Anderson C., Nathan C., Sean E., Chase G., Gunnar H., Jett L., Colin L., Nathan L. cruised through what seemed like an impossible task and comfortably finished in just over 7 hours. They shared a picnic lunch and celebrated on the beach with supporting family, including Lisa Crane, Sandy Clark, Tomoko Enomoto, Allyson Gozdieski, Arne and Sorrel Hanson, and Man and Anita Leung.

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